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Though Artful is a supernatural horror pilot.

"Though Artful" Logline

"An abandoned, graffiti artist must meet a dangerous, high status, art-cult member to find answers about his missing parents despite the likelihood of death or imprisonment."

About Laurie Gabriel & Kerel Taylor

Laurie Gabriel "I was commissioned to write an action-plus-drama feature for Leslie Bloom of Big Kid Films, LLC. Worked as an Assistant Director on Northern Exposure for five years, Segment Producer for Bill Nye The Science Guy, Assistant Director on Melrose Place and was a crew member in a few feature movies, such as Permanent Record starring Keanu Reeves. I completed my end of the screenplay in May 2020. Completed a twelve-week, graduate-level screenwriting, workshop course with Austin Savage. He was in the top 15 % in the Nicholl. Co-wrote a television, horror-supernatural pilot. Received positive feedback from a film, industry professional. In re-writes of a thriller and a supernatural-fantasy feature. I completed a four-month reader position for a prestigious film festival in 2022. I was a paid full-script coverage and score-only analyst at a film festival in 2023. Two shows on YouTube: Cinema Roundtable and Trailblazers. In Cinema Roundtable, another filmmaker and I share the behind-the-scenes work controversies of famous filmmakers. In Trailblazers, a colleague and I discuss famous people who have overcome adversity.

Film Festival Awards: (I directed both and co-wrote Try to Find It: We Come Cheap.)
• Marquee on Main-Has Been Island: Selected (2017)
• Lake Charles Film Festival-Try to Find It: We Come Cheap. Selected (2017)
• Los Angeles CineFest-Try to Find It: We Come Cheap: Semi Finalist (2017)
• Oregon Independent Film Festival-Has Been Island: Selected (2014)"

Kerel Taylor - "My father played the saxophone, as did his father before him. I was expected to continue this legacy. I was placed in band class in elementary school. I felt like I wasn't given a choice so I soon gave up playing. Art was a passion of mine, but I just wasn't sure in what form. In high school I began writing song lyrics and I was amazed by how you could verbally express yourself in many ways. As time went on, I wrote hundreds of songs and eventually began composing my own music to write to. In a way my father was like The Temperance to me. The antagonists in our story. He saw only one way of making music, by playing a traditional instrument, ignoring the many different pieces of the puzzle. I believe I'm the perfect person to tell this story because through Dash I want to show the audience that all expressions of art should be respected. For an artist to find their true form of creative expression, they must have the freedom to discover it through experimenting and experiencing various forms of creativity."

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