About Pitch!

Pitch is a podcast for screenwriters. The team behind it is Leah Saint Marie, Angel Daahoud Murphy, and Kevin Koperski

Pitch! is a weekly podcast focused on screenwriting, filmmaking, and how to pitch an idea. We're all currently filmmakers or have dabbled in screenwriting and filmmaking in the past. Our goal is to help demystify the pitching process primarily for screenwriters, but many of the lessons we're uncovering can apply to anyone selling an idea.

Pitch! is hosted by writer/director/journalist Leah Saint Marie and actor/director/writer Angel Daahoud Murphy. Pitch! is executive produced by Kevin Koperski and distributed by Streetlamp Media.

Leah Saint Marie, Host & Producer

Leah Saint Marie

Leah Saint Marie (formerly Welch) is a workhorse and award-winning screenwriter with a taste for deeply complex, thrilling, and genre-bending stories. This probably makes sense given her background as an investigative journalist who studied female serial killers after getting her MFA in Creative Writing. Before going all in on her filmmaking career, Leah was a film projectionist for ten years (a stint which included living on Block Island, RI, in the old movie house). She studied film stunts with a stunt family in Virginia. And as an investigative journalist she helped exonerate a man from prison.

Check out her filmography on IMDB.

Angel Daahoud Murphy, Host & Producer

Angel Daahoud Murphy is an actor, podcast host, writer/director from Los Angeles, CA. He's currently producing and hosting a music podcast called Before the Fade, and he's in pre-development of a related documentary titled After the Fade.

Check out his filmography on IMDB.

Kevin Koperski, Executive Producer

Kevin Koperski is an author and technologist who founded Streetlamp Media to help illuminate creative voices. In a two decade career as a software developer, designer, and entrepreneur, Kevin co-founded a short term rental company acquired by Expedia Group in 2018, and he's developed successful businesses and software in real estate, health care, insurance, and emergency management. He's worked in 3D animation and film production, written (unsold) screenplays, and published a mystery novel (Amontillado).

In addition to growing Streetlamp Media, he's currently writing a climate justice thriller novel, building a 3D animation company called Amulet Studios, developing a web3 project for readers and writers (details coming soon), and studying to become a pilot.

Visit him at www.kevinkoperski.com