André Baca-Acosta - The Licking - Pitch

Writer & Director André Baca-Acosta pitches his feature film project, The Licking.

Our second pitch of Season 2 belongs to Andre Baca-Acosta with his project The Licking, a Cop & Crime Action Drama Feature Film.

The Licking Logline (Provided by the Author)

"A humiliated Latino Cop returns home from vacation to lick his wounds amongst peers. In the weekly night of Domino's, 5 Cops o' color devise a way to terrorize the 1% of Silicon Valley in covert fashion as they attempt to balance the scale."

Photo of André Baca-Acosta smoking a cigar in front of a stone pillar and iron fence.

About André Baca-Acosta

André is a scribe focused on dramas in San Francisco. He's operated entirely outside of the LA scene & spent key years marinating in Manhattan. His stories are rooted in blue collar characters from Latino & Black backgrounds that skip the run o' the mill clichés found elsewhere. He started writing specs at 19 and slowly graduated to the Director's chair to find out what that meant for himself. He's excited to find new talent both in front of and behind the camera.

Andre wants to give a shoutout to the 15th Annual Cine+Más SF Latino Film Fest, a Fest which curates the best Latino films from Central America, Mexico, South America & Spain & local gems of S.F. "{very recent & just had a showing of 406 Bullet which, is a proof of concept Short, pulled directly from The Licking Spec / October 1st @ the Roxie theater)"

Finding André Baca-Acosta Online

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