Ways to Support Pitch!

Pitch! can't survive without help from loyal listeners. Here are some ways you can support us!

You're already supporting us by being here, so thank you! But we can't survive with visitors alone. Here are some ideas for other ways you can support our little podcast.

  1. Become a Subscriber!!! - This is far and away the best way to show your support. We only make about $10 for every 1000 downloads, which doesn't cover much. We want to bring you more guests, more interviews, more pitches, more community, and more insights to help you sell scripts. Subscribers can help make that happen. If you've already subscribed, thank you so much! We can't do it without you!
  2. Buy Pitch! Merch - We've got some basic merch in the Streetlamp Store, and we're adding more soon. Let us know if there's any specific type of merch you think we should add!
  3. Listen to the Podcast!
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  5. Subscribe to the Streetlamp Media YouTube channel. We've got new livestreams and videos coming soon.
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