Leah and Angel Enjoy A Conversation with Floyd Marshall Jr.

Episode 105 of Marshall's show dives into our hosts' background and their own podcast goals.

Floyd Marshall Jr., an actor, author, and producer, recently hosted Leah and Angel on his podcast with an episode titled, "Is your script pitch ready?" They discuss getting started in the industry, working for free early in the careers, the goals of the Pitch! Podcast, and much more. You can find links to the episode here, as well as in your favorite podcast apps.

105: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. - EPS 105 - Script Writing Tips: Is your script pitch ready? - A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr
In a recent podcast interview titled “Is Your Script Pitch Ready?”, Leah Saint Marie and Angel Murphy, the founders of the pitch, joined host Floyd Marshall

Leah and Angel send their thanks to Floyd for the opportunity!

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