Leah and Angel Interviewed on the Earbuds Podcast Collective

The Pitch! hosts discuss the origins of the podcast, how it's impacted their careers, and advice they'd give screenwriters.

EarBuds Podcast Collective
An interview with Angel Murphy and Leah Saint Marie, co-creators and co-hosts of the new podcast, Pitch!, which focuses on how storytellers get their stories made.

Leah and Angel were recently interviewed about Pitch! by Arielle Nissenblatt on the Earbuds Podcast Collective. They discuss the origins of Pitch!, how it's impacted their careers, and advice they'd give screenwriters.

A small excerpt:

Arielle Nissenblatt: If you could have one guest on Pitch!, who would it be?

Angel Murphy: So far everyone we've had on Pitch! has been a dream "get." Seriously, they've all offered amazing insight. Looking forward, I'd love to talk to the big-time decision makers, the people hearing a pitch of a pitch who say "Yeah, let's do that story about the intergalactic billy goat who begrudgingly protects all of humanity both from themselves and all manner of cosmic threats. That's gonna be a hit for us." 

Leah Saint Marie: I'd love to have Greta Gerwig on the podcast. Her insight into film, her transition into being a director, and the way she writes her scripts (truly, Little Women is such a strong and engaging read) I think would be great for our audience to hear. Plus, we need more female voices advocating for female stories.  

AN: What is one piece of advice you would give aspiring storytellers, looking to bring their stories to life?

AM: Beat the crap out of your protagonists, then repeatedly kick them while they're down. 

LSM: Other than listen to our podcast (sly laugh), rewrite whatever you're working on, and if you're looking to get your script made, find a producer who will champion that script. But first, make sure it's a script no one can say "no" to.

Read the entire interview on the Earbuds Podcast Collective's blog.

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