#32 - LA Cunningham - Author, Editor, Comic Book Creator

A conversation about creativity.

L.A. Cunningham joins Leah and Angel to discuss her numerous creative endeavors, including the creation and publication of a dark comic book series. They cover the importance of perseverance, creativity, networking, and having a supportive community to help overcome self-doubt. They chat about the challenges of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, character motivation and execution in storytelling, and trying to maintain work/life balance.

About L.A. Cunningham

L. A. Cunningham is an author and comic book creator with a dark and twisty sense of humour that pairs nicely with her dark and twisty writing. She and her spouse have two small human children and one larger canine child, all of whom enjoy eating food off the floor and watching squirrels out the window.

She's the Editor-in-Chief and a writer at ASAP Imagination and released her debut book, Points of Villainy/Points of Virtue, with her co-author, P. A. Hayden (Haydes) in 2020.

In 2022, she released her debut comic book series, Sister Grim, followed by her dystopian zombie-esque parenting picture book Babies with Rabies: An ABC Survival Guide.

She also hosts a weekly Drink and Draw on YouTube in hopes of drawing her own comic book one day.

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