#29 - Joelle Garfinkel - TV Writer, Playwright, Novelist & Founder of Green Envelope Grocery Aid

The prolific writer chats about television, writing, pitching, and her fund to assist entertainment professionals in need.

Joelle Garfinkel chats with Angel and Leah about Green Envelope Grocery Aid, the fund she created to support individuals in the entertainment industry in need of assistance. They discuss Joelle's background in television, her writing routine, her recommendations for writers looking to break into the industry, and how her jobs in television informed her thoughts on pitching.

About Joelle

Joelle has worked on 20 shows during her 16-year career as a post PA, Writers' Assistant, Showrunners' Assistant, Script Coordinator, Staff Writer, and freelance television writer. During that time, she created the webseries "Cam Girls", penned episodes for Tig 'n Seek, Foundation, Fire Country and was staffed on NBC's Ordinary Joe. Her play "Residual Fear" based on her personal experience with pregnancy loss was a Eugene O'Neill semi-finalist. Joelle was also a WB writers workshop finalist and a participant in the Jewish Federation's Master Class program. She's the founder of Green Envelope Grocery Aid, a mutual aid fund started during the strike that awards $100 grocery grants to all industry professionals in need.

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